An Origin Story

This month marks 3 years since I started my journey as a personal stylist and even though it’s still very much a part-time endeavor at this time I wanted to share how I got my start and developed such a passion for all things fashion. I hope after reading this post you will understand why I get more excited about bags and shoes than most girls I know and why I can’t live without my September issues!

My interest in fashion started at a very young age. As a young boy growing up in a house with two older sisters who were very much into fashion and style, that had a huge impact on me. I think my sisters subscribed to every fashion magazine on the planet back then. There were always copies of Vogue or Instyle lying around the house when I was a kid and these were the pre-internet days so print magazines were gold when it came to keeping up on my area of interest (they still are for me even if I mostly buy digital versions now). I was always drawn to the beautiful photography in those magazines, whether it was a photoshoot or designer ad campaign. I think that’s where everything clicked for me that fashion and style is really just moveable art.


My morning espresso and inspiration from Tory Burch.


Fun Fashion Reads!


My fashion library.

My interest in fashion continued throughout the 90’s into the early 2000’s and 3 years ago a friend of mine convinced me to think about pursuing a career as a personal stylist. She said I was an excellent shopping partner and had a great eye for putting outfits together, so I spent the next year doing tons of research on fashion and style. I basically read every book, magazine or fashion resource I could get my hands on while learning the terminology of necklines, dress styles and which ones flatter different body types. Knowing these fundamentals are key to being a great stylist.

Style As Art

When I’m out shopping with a client and we see a pair of heels, I’m immediately putting together complete outfits in my head based on what she already has in her closet. It’s like making a collage, finding the right stylish pieces that perfectly compliment each other to bring together my vision for my clients. I truly believe that personal style is art.