Wearing Heels At Work: Survival Tips & Tricks

While working as a personal stylist part-time for the past three years I can honestly say one of the biggest concerns I always hear from my clients is wearing heels to work.

First and foremost we should discuss the practicality of the choice. If you spend extended amounts of time on your feet a pair of 4 inch stilettos might not be your best choice, but choosing a pair of pumps with a sensible heel is a perfect way to add polish to your work ensemble.



Another thing to consider are environmental risks involved while in heels. I’ve heard plenty of horror stories about parking lots with less than friendly terrain filled with cracks, holes and loose gravel and don’t even get me started on the cobblestone or paver sidewalks. One way to avoid these potential hazards is to simply wear a pair of flats on your morning commute and change into your heels at your desk in the safe confines of your office. My best friend has her “Driving Flats” basically an inexpensive pair of ballerina flats she wears during her morning commute. She usually stows her heels inside her laptop bag or tote and changes at her desk every morning.

tory burch D

Tory Burch makes these adorable Travel Flats that fold up and fit into a packable position. They’re available in a variety of colors and slip on easily for that daily trek through the parking lot.

I hope these tips and trick are helpful and if you have any other tips or tricks of your own please let me know!