Learning A New Skill!


I’ve been into fashion and style as long as I can remember. I think growing up in a house with two older sisters that were into clothes and makeup must have made a lasting impression on me as a boy. I was never into sports all that much and preferred more creative forms of expression like art and music. I remember reading my sister’s copies of Vogue and Instyle Magazine sitting around the house and realized that fashion is art, but it wasn’t until five years ago I decided to take my love of fashion and styling to the next level and pursue a career as a wardrobe stylist and personal shopper. I am still very part-time as a stylist and continue to work a full-time day job in an unrelated field to maintain my household, but I am hopeful that I can eventually make a go of the styling business. I’m currently looking into becoming a makeup artist, a skill that I could possibly find more regular work in the fashion industry and continue wardrobe styling as well. My goal would be to gain expertise as a makeup artist and be able to offer full “Glam-Squad” service to my clients. I know this sounds rather ambitious, but I’m going to try!