Closet Clean Out: What Is Old…Is New Again!

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Christian Louboutin Mini Pass 90 mm

I’ve been helping a client with her closet organization this week and I wanted to share this story.  My client uses a spare bedroom closet as sort of an overflow storage for shoes. Her normal method is to only pull out the shoes she wears for Spring/Summer and store her Fall/Winter stuff and vice versa. The only problem is now the overflow closet is getting cramped and it is time to make the hard decision on who goes and who stays.

We literally spent over an hour going through all of the shoes…yay!

What we found is she has some amazing heels that haven’t seen the light of day in 7 or 8 years! I know some of the trendy heels will find a second life at a thrift or consignment shop, but it is those timeless classics you should hold on to especially if they are a luxury designer. My case in point are these Christian Louboutin d’Orsay style sandals in a gorgeous red patent leather. They are almost ten years old, but this classic style is worth holding onto since they are in pristine condition.

Style Tip # 1: Always take time and inventory your closet at least once a year and make those tough decisions on what to keep and what gets taken to consignment or donated before things get crazy in your closet!

Style Tip # 2: Keep those timeless investment pieces. What is old will be new again!